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Series CVV

Multiple Floor, Vertical Conveyor System

Automatic, Manual or Combinations of both with Magic Hand
Provides fast, smooth movement - up or down - between floors, saving labor and time
Manual Loading/Unloading Station
  • Single direction and reversible systems.
  • Loading and unloading stations may be on the opposite or the same sides.
  • Fully automatic or manual controls.
  • Any combination of manual and automatic loading/unloading.
  • Use twin conveyors to simultaneously deliver hot food to patients while retrieving soiled trays for warewashing.


Magic Hand

Automatic Tray Positioning and Loading Without Supervision
  • Handles up to 12 trays per minute. (twice as fast as manual)
  • Can be used for downward bound trays, as easily as upward.
  • Magic Hand saves labor and increases capacity.
  • Works without employee intervention or supervision.
  • Spaces and separates trays and places them onto the CVV vertical conveyor.
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