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TD Trucks

Tray Delivery Made Easy

Superior design and precision manufacturing insure that Caddy tray delivery trucks out-perform and outlast competitive models. Designed with a super impact polymer shell, these versatile carts resist stains, cracking and denting while eliminating the clattering noise of metal carts. Easy-clean surfaces throughout reduce messes and improve hygiene. Tray slides with large radius rounded corners enable easy tray insertion and removal. Two inches of space, front and back, and 5-1/4 inches between trays provides ample clearance for domes or food products.

Standard Features

  • Double-walled construction separates chambers and keeps food at desired temperatures.
  • 300 series stainless steel in critical areas — top, bottom, and back.
  • Doors swing 270 degrees against side of truck. All doors removable with easy full length stainless steel rod. No tools required
  • Airline type latches — 300-series stainless with positive cam lock and thumb bolt adjustments, prevent accidental door openings and eliminate noise.
  • Heavy duty perimeter bumpers available with tight grip channels to prevent tearing and buckling.
  • Menu Holders — Springless, roller-type, easily changed for meal times.
  • Tubular push pull handle, available on one or (optional) both sides is manufactured of heavy duty 300-series stainless steel. Easy-to-grip design stays clean and will not jiggle.
  • Five accent classic colors — Cream, Blue, Grey, Cranberry and Teal.
  • Custom colors and decals available.
  • Available in multiple tray sizes —14” x 18”, 15” x 20”, 16” x 22”.

Single Door Unit
Double Door Unit
Triple Door Unit
Single Door Unit
1 compartment
TD-607-D - 7 trays
TD-608-D - 8 trays
TD-610-D - 10 trays
Double Door Unit
2 compartments
TD-614-D - 14 trays
TD-616-D - 16 trays
TD-620-D - 20 trays

Triple Door Unit
3 compartments
TD-621-D - 21 trays
TD-624-D - 24 trays
TD-630-D - 30 trays
Optional Accessories
Advantage Casters
Stainless Screened Drains
Coupling Device
Open Door Retainer
Top Mount Rail
Advantage Casters
Stainless Screened Drains
Coupling Device
Open Door Retainer
Top Mount Rail
  • ACC-17 Extra push/pull handle
  • ACC-19 Door stay open device
  • ACC-21 Top perimeter rail
  • ACC-45 Vertical bumpers
  • ACC-61 6" caster brakes
  • ACC-62 8" caster brakes
  • ACC-65 8" casters in lieu of 6"
  • ACC-76 Carpet casters
  • ACC-77 6" S/S non-corrosive casters
  • ACC-78 8" S/S non-corrosive casters
  • ACC-80 Coupling device
  • ACC-84 Compartment drains
  • ACC-87 6" Advantage casters
  • ACC-88 8" Advantage casters

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