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Series SHBCU Exhaust Systems

Ultraviolet Technology

For heavy grease producing applications such as hotels, hospitals, centralized cooking facilities, institutions and restaurants. Highly effective with any cooking process.
  • Caddy grease extractors remove most grease particulate and smoke from the exhaust.
  • Significantly reduces fire hazards.
  • Duct cleaning is minimized due to the absence of grease.
  • Service issues are kept to a minimum.
Caddy Ultraviolet Technology keeps the plenum and duct virtually grease free.
  • Ultra Series Ultraviolet cassette
  • Integrated controls and safety features.
  • Highly efficient stainless steel grease extractor.
  • Simple and accurate field balancing.
  • Fire dampers with resettable fusible link.
  • Available with low velocity makeup air plenum.
  • ETL listed/NSF listed/Built per NFPA 96.
  • UL listed vapor proof lighting.
  • Works with Caddy Air Purification Systems for low height, side wall exhaust discharge.
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