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XL Band Tray Makeup Conveyor

When Your Conveyor Is Elevated
The Rest Is Easy

So unique it was granted a U.S. Patent.
Patent #5,052,548
  • Easy On Your People
    • Servers comfortably face the food and menus.
    • No bending, stretching or standing at odd angles.
    • Less fatigue means fewer mistakes and more trays per minute.
  • Easy To Save Space
    • Save up to one third of your floor space by positioning mobile equipment partially under the conveyor.
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain
    • Only Caddy has the Dura-San Band conveyor.
    • Most accessible design for use and cleaning.
    • Fewest moving parts for safety and easy maintenance.
    • Chose a stationary conveyor or casters, for easy kitchen cleanup.
  • Easy To Choose
    • There are 6 XL Series models to meet every need - from a small facility to a large 1000 bed hospital.
Caddy's XL Series Conveyor Systems are customized
to meet your most demanding needs.

Interactive tray makeup configurations below. Hover over accessories to view model numbers.

POD 100 (Shown: 10' XL-R with Accessories)

POD 100-225 (Shown: 21' XL-1 with Accessories)

POD 225-375 (Shown: 26' XL-1 with Accessories)

POD 500-700 (Shown: 29' 9" XL-1 with Accessories)

POD 550-1000 (Shown: 26' XL-2 with Accessories)

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